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Savor the unparalleled purity of Bajarriba Plata Tequila, a 750ml masterpiece crafted by a 3rd generation Master Distiller with 85 years of family expertise. From the rich volcanic soil of Jalisco’s Highlands, this tequila embraces tradition, employing an Old World cooking method for an intense baked agave flavor. Enjoy a white pepper explosion mid-palate and a finish adorned with clean citrus zest and sweet floral notes. 100% additive-free, this 40% Alc/Vol tequila invites you to experience excellence. Buy online at and elevate your spirits collection with tradition, craftsmanship, and a touch of family legacy.


Bajarriba Plata Tequila: A Symphony of Tradition and Excellence

 Elevate Your Experience with Bajarriba Plata Tequila

 A Purity Unmatched

Indulge in the exceptional Bajarriba Plata Tequila, a 750ml testament to purity. Crafted with 100% fully matured Blue Weber agave from the fertile volcanic soil of Jalisco’s Highlands, this tequila is an ode to authenticity, free from additives that compromise its natural essence.

 Generational Mastery

Entrust your tequila experience to the hands of a 3rd generation Master Distiller, bringing 85 years of family expertise in agave cultivation and tequila distillation. Bajarriba Plata is more than a spirit; it’s a legacy crafted with precision and love passed down through generations.

 From Soil to Sip – The Bajarriba Journey

Blue Weber Agave Magic

Explore the terroir of Jalisco’s Highlands as Bajarriba Plata is born from 100% Blue Weber agave, fully matured under the watchful gaze of the sun at 7,000 feet above sea level. The volcanic soil imparts a richness that defines the tequila’s character.

Old World Cooking Mastery

Immerse yourself in the Old World cooking method employed by Bajarriba Plata. With pure deep well water, copper/stainless steel pots, and slow roasting in traditional “Hornos” (brick ovens), each drop encapsulates the essence of time-tested craftsmanship for unparalleled flavor.

Tasting Notes – A Culmination of Flavors

Intense Baked Agave

Bajarriba Plata Tequila promises an intense yet smooth baked agave flavor and aroma that captivates the senses. Each sip is an invitation to appreciate the artistry behind this tequila, unfolding a story of tradition and excellence.

White Pepper Explosion

Mid-palate, experience a white pepper explosion that adds an exciting dimension to the journey. This distinctive note is a testament to the tequila’s complexity, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail in its production.

Clean Citrus Zest and Sweet Floral Finish

The tasting journey concludes with a hint of clean citrus zest and sweet floral notes, leaving a lingering impression that entices you to savor every moment. Bajarriba Plata Tequila is more than a drink; it’s a celebration of the senses.

Technical Brilliance

 Alcohol Content

With a 40% Alc/Vol, Bajarriba Plata Tequila strikes the perfect balance, ensuring a smooth yet robust drinking experience. Every aspect of this tequila is meticulously calibrated to deliver excellence in every pour.

 Seize the Moment – Purchase Details

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 Conclusion – Toast to Tradition and Excellence

Bajarriba Plata: An Ode to Heritage

In conclusion, Bajarriba Plata is not just a drink; it’s a journey through generations, a celebration of heritage, and an invitation to savor the richness of tradition and excellence. Purchase your bottle today and toast to the extraordinary world of Bajarriba. Cheers!


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