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Montagave Tequila Blanco Heritage is an exquisite blend of tradition and innovation. Crafted by Master Distiller Salvador Rosales Trejo at NOM 1123 Cascahuín, this tequila undergoes a 72-hour brick oven cooking, double pot still distillation, and aging in Bordeaux wine barrels for 45 days. The result is a harmonious symphony of roasted agave, stone fruit, honey, and floral notes, culminating in an unparalleled round finish. With a 41% Alc/Vol, this tequila offers a balanced strength, perfect for sipping and savoring. Elevate your collection and experience the legacy of Montagave Blanco Heritage – available for purchase online.


Montagave Tequila Blanco Heritage: A Time-Honored Elixir of Distinction

Welcome to the pinnacle of tequila craftsmanship – Montagave Tequila Blanco Heritage. Embark on a journey through four generations of time-honored Tequila expertise, converging with the finesse of Bordeaux wine barrels from Grand Cru vineyards in France. This flagship expression, meticulously curated at the renowned NOM 1123 Cascahuín distillery in the Lowlands, is a testament to the artistry of Salvador Rosales Trejo, the Master Distiller.

The Essence of Heritage

Distillation Mastery

Crafted with passion and precision, Montagave Blanco Heritage undergoes a unique distillation process. The brick oven, slow-cooking the agave for an impressive 72 hours, extracts the purest essence of roasted agave, setting the stage for an unparalleled tequila experience. Distilled twice in traditional pot stills, this elixir achieves a harmonious balance of flavors that dance on the palate.

Tasting Notes: A Symphony of Flavors

Roasted Agave and Stone Fruit

As you indulge in the first sip, the distinct notes of roasted agave unfold, creating a rich and inviting foundation. The essence of stone fruit gracefully intertwines, offering a delightful medley that lingers on the taste buds.

Honey and Floral Bouquet

The journey continues with a cascade of honeyed sweetness, complemented by a floral bouquet that adds an aromatic dimension to the tequila. Each sip is a sensorial exploration, unveiling layers of complexity and refinement.

Unparalleled Round Finish

The climax of this experience is marked by an unparalleled round finish that leaves a lasting impression. The culmination of flavors creates a symphony of taste, inviting you to savor the moment and appreciate the legacy encapsulated in each bottle.

The Crafting Process

From Agave to Bottle

Montagave Tequila Blanco adheres to a meticulous crafting process. Sourced from the Lowlands agave region, the piñas undergo a traditional milling extraction, ensuring that the essence of the agave is captured in every drop.

Bordeaux Barrel Aging

The distinctive character of this tequila is elevated through a unique barrel aging process. Bordeaux wine barrels, a blend of 1st and 2nd fills, cradle the tequila for 45 days, infusing it with the sophistication and depth associated with Grand Cru vineyards.

Distinctive Features

41% Alc/Vol

Bottled at a thoughtful 41% alcohol by volume, Montagave Blanco Heritage strikes the perfect balance, allowing the flavors to shine without overwhelming the senses. This strength enhances the sipping experience, making it an ideal choice for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

Salvador Rosales Trejo: A Maestro’s Touch

Meet the Master Distiller

Behind the artistry of Montagave Tequila Blanco Heritage stands Salvador Rosales Trejo, a maestro with an unwavering commitment to excellence. His expertise and passion are woven into every aspect of the crafting process, ensuring that each bottle bears the mark of distinction.

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In every bottle of Montagave Tequila Blanco Heritage, tradition, expertise, and innovation converge to create an unparalleled sensory experience. Order now and become a part of the legacy that transcends generations. Elevate your tequila journey with Montagave – where heritage meets excellence.


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