Nosotros Madera Tequila Añejo Aged in Cider Barrel


Savor the extraordinary with Nosotros Madera Tequila Añejo, a 750ml limited edition masterpiece aged for 20 months in cider barrels. This unique collaboration with 2 Towns Ciderhouse delivers a symphony of flavors, blending cooked agave and warm apple with spicy sandalwood and nutty almond scents. Each of the 1500 bottles, individually stamped, comes in a handmade wooden box, making it a collector’s gem. With a perfect 40% Alc/Vol balance, this tequila is an artful expression of craftsmanship and sophistication. Elevate your spirits collection—order now from Old Town Tequila and experience tequila like never before!


Discover Exceptional Craftsmanship with Nosotros Madera Tequila Añejo – Tequila for Sale!

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled artistry of Nosotros Madera Tequila Añejo, a limited edition aged in cider barrels, available for purchase on Old Town Tequila. This 750ml treasure, a collaboration of 1500 bottles with 2 Towns Ciderhouse, is crafted for whiskey enthusiasts who seek a distinct and refined tequila experience.

 A Limited Edition Marvel – Nosotros Madera Tequila Añejo Aged in Cider Barrels 750ml

Indulge in the exclusivity of Nosotros Madera Tequila Añejo, a true masterpiece aged for 20 months in wet cider barrels. This limited edition, marked 1 to 1500, signifies a unique collaboration between Nosotros Tequila and 2 Towns Ciderhouse. Each bottle, an embodiment of craftsmanship, promises a journey into the heart of flavor and sophistication.

 Unveiling the Art of Aging – 20 Months in Cider Barrels

The second release in the Nosotros Madera collection, this Tequila Añejo undergoes a meticulous aging process for 20 months. What sets it apart is the innovative use of wet cider barrels, previously employed in crafting both 2 Towns Ciderhouse’s ‘Bad Apple’ batch and Woodford Reserve Bourbon whiskey. This distinctive aging imparts a nuanced flavor profile that marries the essence of agave with the warmth of apple, creating a symphony of flavors.

 A Symphony of Flavors – Cooked Agave, Warm Apple, Spicy Sandalwood, Nutty Almond

Nosotros Madera Tequila Añejo beckons with a tasting experience like no other. Immerse your palate in the harmonious blend of cooked agave and warm apple notes. As you savor each sip, the journey unfolds with hints of spicy sandalwood and the subtle richness of nutty almond. This tequila is a testament to the artistry of blending diverse elements into a seamless and captivating symphony of flavors.

 Exquisite Presentation – Handmade Wooden Box

Elevate your tequila collection with Nosotros Madera Tequila , presented in a handmade wooden box. This exquisite packaging not only protects the treasure within but also serves as a statement piece in any collector’s library. The attention to detail in both craftsmanship and presentation reflects the dedication to delivering an unparalleled tequila experience.

 40% Alc/Vol Brilliance – A Perfect Balance

Experience the perfect balance of strength and smoothness with Nosotros Madera Tequila , boasting a 40% Alc/Vol. This carefully chosen alcohol content enhances the complexity of flavors, allowing the tequila to unfold its richness with each sip. Whether enjoyed neat or as part of your favorite cocktail, the 40% Alc/Vol brilliance ensures a memorable and satisfying drinking experience.

hny6/Tequila for Sale – Order Your Exclusive Bottle Today!

Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of tequila history. Purchase Nosotros Madera Tequila online and explore the unique collaboration that defines this limited edition. Old Town Tequila invites you to shop for tequila bottles, take advantage of the best tequila offers, and indulge in exclusive tequila bundle deals. Secure your bottle today and elevate your spirits collection with Nosotros Madera Tequila Añejo!


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