San Matias 135 Years Anniversary Blend Añejo Tequila


Celebrate 135 years of tequila excellence with San Matias Anniversary Blend Añejo Tequila. This limited edition masterpiece blends Orgullo, Rey Sol, Tahona, Gran Reserva, and Pueblo Viejo for a unique flavor journey. Adorned with 135 European crystals, each representing a cherished year, the bottle is a work of art. Savor a symphony of flavors, from cooked agave to warm apple and spicy sandalwood. Elevate your collection with this ultra-premium tequila, available for purchase on Old Town Tequila. Order now and own a piece of Casa San Matias’s rich legacy!


Elevate Your Celebration with San Matias Anniversary Blend Añejo Tequila – Tequila for Sale!

Experience the pinnacle of tequila craftsmanship with Casa San Matias as they commemorate 135 years of excellence. Introducing the San Matias Anniversary Blend Añejo Tequila, a masterful creation that pays homage to the legacy of tequila-making. Available for purchase on Old Town Tequila, this ultra-premium blend promises a unique flavor journey, enriched by the finest tequilas from Casa San Matias’s prestigious collection.

 A Journey Through 135 Years of Excellence

Join Casa San Matias in celebrating their remarkable 135-year journey in the world of tequila. This Anniversary Blend is more than a spirit; it’s a testament to the passion, commitment, and dedication that have defined Casa San Matias over the years. Immerse yourself in the rich history of tequila-making, encapsulated in every sip of this extraordinary blend.

A Blend of Distinctive Tequilas – Orgullo, Rey Sol, Tahona, Gran Reserva, Pueblo Viejo

San Matias Anniversary Blend Añejo Tequila is a harmonious union of Casa San Matias’s finest tequilas. The blend includes Orgullo Anejo, Rey Sol Extra Anejo, Tahona Anejo, Gran Reserva Extra Anejo, and Pueblo Viejo Anejo. Each tequila brings its own character to the blend, creating a remarkable and unforgettable flavor profile that captures the essence of Casa San Matias’s diverse portfolio.

 Crystal Adorned Excellence – 135 European Crystals

To enhance this anniversary edition, each bottle is adorned with 135 European crystals, meticulously placed in the highlands of Jalisco. These crystals symbolize each cherished year of Casa San Matias’s journey, adding a touch of elegance and significance to this exceptional blend. The bottle itself becomes a work of art, reflecting the dedication and excellence that define Casa San Matias.

 Savor the Extraordinary Flavor Experience

Indulge your senses in a unique flavor experience crafted by the blending expertise of Casa San Matias. The Anniversary Blend Añejo Tequila promises a symphony of flavors. With notes from each distinct tequila contributing to a rich and complex profile. From the aged depth of Orgullo to the extra-aged sophistication of Rey Sol, every sip is an exploration of tequila at its finest.

 A Tribute to the Past, a Celebration of the Present, an Inspiration for the Future

This exceptional release is more than a blend; it’s a tribute to the past, a celebration of the present. And an inspiration for the future of tequila-making. Casa San Matias invites you to join in this celebration, to raise a glass to the 135 years of passion, craftsmanship, and artistry that define their legacy.

 Tequila for Sale – Order Your Piece of History Today!

Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of Casa San Matias’s history. Order the San Matias Anniversary Blend Añejo Tequila online from Old Town Tequila and become a part of this extraordinary celebration. Explore tequila bottles for sale, take advantage of the best tequila offers. And consider exclusive tequila bundle deals to enhance your collection. Purchase tequila near you and relish in the rich legacy of Casa San Matias with every sip. Cheers to history, craftsmanship, and the remarkable journey of tequila-making!


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