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Indulge in the rare elegance of 123 Organic Extra Anejo Tequila Diablito. Crafted with organic agave, this limited edition undergoes a meticulous 40-month aging process in new American oak barrels. With only 1000 bottles available, savor the devilishly good flavor profile, featuring rich nuances from the iron-rich Tierra Roja soils. Elevate your collection – buy this exclusive tequila online at Old Town Tequila and experience the essence of terroir-driven excellence.


Unleash the Devilishly Good 123 Organic Extra Anejo Tequila Diablito

Crafting Excellence: 123 Tequila’s Limited Edition Extra Anejo

 An Exclusive Journey

Indulge in the extraordinary with 123 Organic Extra Anejo Tequila Diablito, a highly limited edition crafted to complement the exceptional offerings of 123 Tequila. This organic Extra Anejo, known as Diablito, is a devilishly good addition to the artisanal company’s lineup.

Organic Elegance

Sourced from a small parcel of organic agave cultivated at a lofty 6,000 feet altitude, Diablito embodies the essence of purity and quality. The commitment to organic farming ensures a tequila that not only delights the palate but also respects the environment.

The Devil in the Details: Crafting Diablito

 Meticulous Production

To create Diablito, 123 Tequila employs a meticulous production process. The journey begins with the organic agave, which undergoes a 38-hour cooking process in stone ovens. The tequila is then aged for an impressive 40 months in 114-liter new American oak barrels, distinguishing it from the typical ex-Bourbon barrel-aged tequilas.

Devilish Distinction

The name Diablito, meaning little devil, is more than a label; it represents the devilishly good tequila within. This commitment to perfection and attention to detail is reflected in every drop of 123 Organic Extra Anejo, making it a distinct and exceptional spirit.

 Terroir-Driven Excellence

Soil to Bottle Philosophy

At the heart of Diablito is a terroir-driven approach, beginning with the iron-rich Tierra Roja soils of a dedicated estate. This exclusive parcel is meticulously chosen for the production of 123 Organic Extra Anejo, ensuring a unique and unparalleled flavor profile.

 Patient Maturation Process

The journey to perfection is marked by patience. The organic agave undergoes a slow maturation process, allowing the flavors to develop and intensify. This dedication to time and terroir results in a tequila that embodies the distinct characteristics of Jalisco’s Amati-tan region.

The Devil’s Share: 1000 Bottles of Exceptional Tequila

Limited Edition Elegance

Only 1000 bottles of Diablito have been meticulously crafted, making it a highly sought-after and limited edition tequila. Each bottle represents the culmination of passion, expertise, and a commitment to delivering an unparalleled tequila experience.

 Devilishly Good to the Last Drop

In the pursuit of perfection, 123 Organic Extra Anejo Diablito invites you to savor the devilishly good tequila meticulously crafted within each bottle. From the first sip to the last drop, experience the exceptional and exclusive world of Diablito – where the devil truly is in the details.

Order Diablito Today: Limited Edition Excellence

In conclusion, 123 Organic Extra Anejo Tequila Diablito is not just a spirit; it’s a masterpiece. Crafted with precision, patience, and a commitment to organic excellence, Diablito represents the pinnacle of tequila craftsmanship. With only 1000 bottles available, seize the opportunity to order this limited edition extra anejo online at Old Town Tequila. Embrace the devilishly good experience that Diablito promises and elevate your tequila collection to new heights.


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