Casa Noble 5 years Anejo (Extra Anejo now) Black Gold – Buy Tequila.


Indulge in tequila rarity with Casa Noble 5 Years Anejo Black Gold. Crafted in limited quantities, this Extra Anejo showcases exceptional aging in French White Oak barrels. With a unique black porcelain decanter adorned with 18k gold, it’s a collector’s dream. The deep golden tones and hand-decorated elegance make it a visual masterpiece. Winner of the Double Gold medal in 2007, this tequila offers an unforgettable finish that defines luxury. Due to its limited availability, secure your piece of history with a two-bottle limit per customer. Purchase online and elevate your collection with Casa Noble’s timeless legacy.


Casa Noble 5 Years Anejo Black Gold – A Distinctive Elixir of Timeless Luxury


Indulge in the legacy of Casa Noble with the 5 Years Anejo Black Gold, a tequila that transcends time and craftsmanship. This exquisite tequila, now available as Extra Anejo, was initially a limited production item discontinued in 2007. With only a handful of bottles remaining, it stands as a rare and cherished spirit that showcases the pinnacle of tequila artistry.

The Rarity of Casa Noble Anejo 5 Years

Limited Production Excellence

The Casa Noble Anejo 5 Years, once discontinued, is now a sought-after Extra Anejo. Crafted in limited quantities, this tequila was matured in French White Oak barrels for an impressive five years, contributing to its exceptional bouquet and body. With very few bottles left, it is a testament to the dedication to quality that defines Casa Noble.

Decanter of Distinction

The deep golden tone of this extraordinary tequila is reflected in a decanter that is truly one-of-a-kind. Crafted from black porcelain and adorned with accents and labels of 18k gold, it has earned its place among the most exquisite liquor bottles in the industry. Every detail is a nod to the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to aesthetics.

Tasting Notes

Exceptional Bouquet and Body

Casa Noble 5 Years Anejo Black Gold boasts an exceptional bouquet and body, placing it among the finest distilled spirits globally. The aging process in French White Oak barrels imparts a depth of flavor that is truly unparalleled. With every sip, experience the richness and complexity that defines this rare and coveted tequila.

Smooth and Unforgettable Finish

A winner of the Double Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition in 2007, this tequila is a testament to its exceptional quality. The finish is smooth, unforgettable, and stands as a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that went into its creation. As described by one connoisseur, “I cannot describe how nice and smooth this tequila is; the finish is nothing like it.”

Artisanal Craftsmanship

Hand-Decorated Excellence

The black porcelain decanter of Casa Noble 5 Years Anejo Black Gold is a canvas for local artisans who hand-decorate each bottle. The accents and labels of 18k gold are applied with precision, adding a touch of luxury to an already exquisite masterpiece. The result is a bottle that is not just a container but a work of art.

Purchasing Details

Limited Availability

As one of the last remaining bottles from the original production, Casa Noble Anejo 5 Years is a collector’s dream. Due to its rarity, we limit the purchase to two bottles per customer. Seize the opportunity to own a piece of tequila history and add this exceptional spirit to your collection.

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Order with confidence, knowing that Casa Noble Anejo 5 Years is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality. This tequila is more than a spirit; it’s a journey through time and craftsmanship, encapsulated in a bottle that reflects the essence of Casa Noble.

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Casa Noble 5 Years Anejo Black Gold is more than a tequila; it’s a celebration of rarity, craftsmanship, and the art of aging. Purchase online, explore exclusive deals, and indulge in the extraordinary experience that only this limited edition tequila can provide. Elevate your collection, savor the complexity, and relish in the timeless legacy of Casa Noble.


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