Cava de Oro 6 Years Extra Anejo Rodo Padilla Limited Black Edition – Buy Tequila.


Indulge in sophistication with Cava de Oro 6 Years Extra Anejo Black Edition. Crafted by Rodo Padilla, this limited masterpiece is housed in a stunning black ceramic bottle with a custom wood stand. Aged for six years, it delivers a symphony of aromas – oak, vanilla, and subtle agave. The first sip unfolds layers of caramel sweetness, oak depth, and hints of vanilla, creating a flavorful symphony on the palate. Elevate your collection with this collector’s gem, available at Old Town Tequila. Order online and relish the exquisite experience of Cava de Oro Black Edition.


Cava de Oro 6 Years Extra Anejo – Unleashing Elegance and Complexity

Elevate Your Collection with Cava de Oro 6 Years Extra Anejo

Introducing a tequila masterpiece that transcends time – Cava de Oro 6 Years Extra Anejo. Available for purchase at Old Town Tequila, this limited edition Black Ceramic Bottle, a creation of Rodo Padilla, is not just a spirit; it’s an experience, a must-have for aficionados seeking excellence.

 The Artistry of Cava de Oro Extra Anejo

Black Edition Elegance

Cava de Oro 6 Years Extra Anejo embraces exclusivity with its limited Black Edition. The ceramic bottle, a testament to craftsmanship, houses a tequila aged for six years, promising a depth of flavor that sets it apart.

Collector’s Gem – A Must-Have

This Black Edition is more than a bottle; it’s a collector’s gem that demands attention. The 750ml capacity ensures a generous pour, and the custom wood stand adds an extra layer of sophistication to your tequila presentation.

Unveiling the Cava de Oro Experience

Aged to Perfection

Cava de Oro 6 Years Extra Anejo stands as a beacon of aging perfection. The six-year aging process infuses character, depth, and complexity into the tequila, creating an elixir that delights the senses.

 The Black Edition Aroma

Uncork the Black Edition and immerse yourself in a symphony of aromas. The ceramic bottle enhances the experience, releasing notes of oak, vanilla, and subtle hints of agave, creating an olfactory prelude to the tasting journey.

 Tasting Notes and Complexity

A Flavorful Symphony

The first sip is a revelation. Cava de Oro 6 Years Extra Anejo unfolds layers of flavor – from the initial caramel sweetness to the depth of oak, accompanied by notes of vanilla and a subtle essence of cooked agave. It’s a flavorful symphony that dances on the palate.

Complexity in Every Drop

The complexity of this tequila lies not just in its age but in the meticulous blending of flavors. The Black Edition offers a nuanced experience, where each element contributes to the overall richness, making it a standout in the world of Extra Anejo.

Why Choose Cava de Oro 6 Years Extra Anejo

Rodo Padilla’s Legacy

Crafted by the skilled hands of Rodo Padilla, the Black Edition is a testament to his legacy in tequila artistry. This limited edition bottle encapsulates not just a tequila but the essence of passion and dedication.

 Collector’s Presentation

The inclusion of a custom wood stand elevates the presentation of Cava de Oro 6 Years Extra Anejo. It’s not just a tequila; it’s an aesthetic statement, deserving of a prime spot in your collection.

How to Acquire the Black Edition

Seamless Online Purchase

Old Town Tequila offers a seamless online shopping experience, allowing enthusiasts to add the Black Edition to their collection effortlessly. Order now to have this limited masterpiece delivered to your doorstep.

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Elevate Your Experience – Order Cava de Oro Extra Anejo Today

Make a statement in your tequila collection with Cava de Oro  Extra Anejo Black Edition. Order online at Old Town Tequila and elevate your senses with this limited masterpiece. Act swiftly; the allure of the Black Edition awaits those who appreciate the artistry of tequila craftsmanship. Cheers to sophistication in every sip!


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