Corazón Buffalo Trace Old 22 Anejo Tequila – Tequila for sale !


Indulge in the unparalleled richness of Corazón Buffalo Trace Anejo Tequila, available for sale at Old Town Tequila. Rested for a minimum of 22 months in whiskey-aged barrels, this single estate masterpiece offers a smooth, sweet, and fruity profile with notes of cooked agave, caramel, toasted almond, vanilla, and oak. Elevate your tasting experience with this exquisite tequila, proudly bearing the legacy of Casa San Matias and the distinguished Nom 1103. Buy tequila online with confidence, explore exclusive offers, and discover a world of agave spirits at your fingertips. Order now and savor the essence of tradition in every sip.


Discover Exceptional Tequila for Sale at Old Town Tequila

 Unveiling the Essence of Corazón Buffalo Trace Anejo Tequila

 Elevate Your Tasting Experience with Rested Perfection

Indulge in the rich world of tequila with Corazón Buffalo Trace Anejo, a true masterpiece crafted by Casa San Matias. This exceptional tequila, available for sale at Old Town Tequila, promises a sensory journey like no other.

Aging Gracefully in Whiskey Legacy

Corazón Buffalo Trace Anejo Tequila undergoes a meticulous aging process, resting for a minimum of 22 months in barrels previously cradling whiskey aged for 22 years or more. This unique approach results in a tequila that embodies the epitome of smoothness and refinement.

A Symphony of Flavors

The tasting profile of Corazón Buffalo Trace Anejo is a celebration of complexity. Experience the harmonious blend of sweet and fruity notes, where the essence of cooked agave intertwines seamlessly with hints of caramel, toasted almond, vanilla, and oak. The subtle interplay of lemon tea and ginger on the nose adds an extra layer of sophistication to this remarkable tequila.

 Single Estate Elegance – Casa San Matias

 Unveiling the Legacy – Nom 1103

Corazón Buffalo Trace Anejo Tequila proudly holds the distinction of being a single estate tequila, a testament to the commitment of Casa San Matias to quality and authenticity. With the prestigious Nom 1103, this tequila is a representation of the legacy and tradition embedded in every sip.

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Embark on a seamless shopping experience as you buy tequila online from Old Town Tequila. Browse through our carefully curated selection and find the perfect addition to your collection or the ideal gift for a tequila enthusiast.

Order Tequila with Confidence

When you order tequila from Old Town Tequila, you can trust in the quality and authenticity of every bottle. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that each transaction is not just a purchase but a journey into the heart of tequila craftsmanship.

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Explore the diverse offerings of tequila for sale, including the exquisite Corazón Buffalo Trace Anejo. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious newcomer, Old Town Tequila is your gateway to the finest agave spirits. Buy tequila online, order with confidence, and savor the richness of tradition with each sip. Cheers to an extraordinary journey into the heart of tequila craftsmanship!


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