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Del Maguey Wild Tepextate Organic Mezcal is a rare find, harvested from the wild Tepextate agave. With its light body and bright candied fruit nose, it offers notes of passion fruit and marzipan, balanced by hints of cinnamon and floral undertones. Experience the unique flavors of this exceptional mezcal. Order now and elevate your mezcal collection with Old Town Tequila.


Del Maguey Wild Tepextate Organic Mezcal: A Rare Discovery in the World of Mezcal


Welcome to Old Town Tequila, your ultimate destination for premium tequila and mezcal products. Explore the exceptional Del Maguey Wild Tepextate Organic Mezcal—a rare gem that joins our esteemed Vino De Mezcal series.

Unveiling the Rarity: The Story of Tepextate

An Offering from Our Producer

Join us as we embark on a journey with our producer of Tobala, who has graciously offered Del Maguey another rare wild agave—the Tepextate (Agave Marmorata). Discover the unique characteristics of this agave species, which thrives at high altitudes, almost vertically out of rocks on the sides of mountains.

Embracing the Uniqueness

Tepextate presents itself with broad twisted leaves, spanning about eight to ten inches wide. Its distinct appearance and environment contribute to its unparalleled flavor profile, making it a prized addition to our collection.

Crafting Excellence: The Tepextate Process

A Labor of Love

Experience the meticulous process behind the creation of Del Maguey Wild Tepextate Organic Mezcal. From harvesting the wild agaves to distillation, each step reflects a commitment to quality and tradition.

Distillation: A Symphony of Flavors

Del Maguey Wild Tepextate Organic Mezcal offers a lighter body compared to its counterparts. Indulge in the bright candied fruit nose, reminiscent of banana taffy and spun sugar. The sweetness carries into the palate, where notes of passion fruit and marzipan dance on the taste buds.

Tasting Notes: A Sensory Journey


Prepare to be enchanted by the floral aromas of honeysuckle that waft from the glass. Subtle hints of cinnamon, derived from organic Mexican sugar (canela), add depth and complexity to the bouquet.


With each sip, experience the light yet flavorful profile of Tepextate. Delicate notes of candied fruit and marzipan delight the palate, creating a harmonious balance of sweetness and complexity.


The journey culminates in a satisfying finish, leaving a lingering impression of floral elegance and subtle spice. Each sip invites you to savor the moment and the memories it evokes.

Elevate Your Experience: Del Maguey Wild Tepextate Organic Mezcal

Discover Excellence

Savor the excellence of Del Maguey Wild Tepextate Organic —a testament to tradition, rarity, and craftsmanship. Each bottle is a treasure trove of flavor and history, waiting to be savored and celebrated.

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Del Maguey Wild Tepextate Organic invites you to experience the rare and exquisite flavors of the Tepextate agave. With each sip, immerse yourself in the rich heritage and timeless quality that define this exceptional mezcal. Order now and embark on a journey of discovery with Old Town Tequila. Cheers to rarity, excellence, and the pursuit of perfection!


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