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Embark on a tequila journey with Don Rico Blanco. Sourced from Jalisco, this 750ml bottle captures the essence of traditional craftsmanship, delivering a harmonious blend of cooked agave, citrus, and subtle spices. Distilled in stainless steel pots, this 40% ABV tequila boasts a pristine finish. Experience the richness of deep well water, roller mill crushing, and open-air fermentation. With NOM 1608 certification, Don Rico Blanco Tequila sets the bar for ultra-premium spirits. Elevate your moments with this exquisite blend, available for purchase at Old Town Tequila.


Don Rico Blanco Tequila: Elevate Your Tequila Experience

Unveiling the Essence of Don Rico

Balanced Foundation

At the heart of the Don Rico Tequila collection lies the Don Rico Blanco Tequila 750ml. It serves as the cornerstone, embodying a harmonious blend of flavors and aromas. From the rich, cooked agave essence to subtle notes of citrus, herbs, mint, anise, and pepper, this tequila promises a balanced and invigorating experience.

Crafting Excellence in Jalisco

Agave Origins

Originating from the agave-rich fields of Jalisco, specifically the esteemed Los Altos/El Valle region, Don Rico Blanco Tequila captures the essence of its fertile surroundings. The agave plants sourced from both lowlands and highlands contribute to the tequila’s complexity.

Traditional Cooking

The meticulous process begins with stone/brick ovens, imparting a distinct character to the agave. The traditional cooking method enhances the tequila’s depth and richness, setting the stage for an exceptional sensory journey.

Roller Mill Crushing

Don Rico Tequila embraces the tradition of using a roller mill for crushing, ensuring a fine and consistent extraction of flavors from the agave. This method pays homage to time-honored practices, preserving the authenticity of the tequila.

Open-Air Fermentation

The journey of flavor continues with 100% agave open-air fermentation in stainless steel tanks. This unique approach allows nature to play its part, contributing to the tequila’s distinctive profile.

Distillation Mastery

Don Rico Blanco Tequila is crafted using a stainless steel pot with copper coils, a testament to the brand’s commitment to precision and craftsmanship. The choice of still type reflects a dedication to achieving optimal purity and character in every drop.

Pristine Water Source

Drawing from deep well water, Don Rico ensures the purity of its tequila. The quality of the water source enhances the overall composition, providing a pristine canvas for the tequila’s rich flavor palette.

A Journey Through the Senses


With an ABV of 40% (80 proof) and proudly bearing the NOM (Norma Oficial Mexicana) designation 1608, Don Rico Blanco Tequila adheres to the highest standards, promising a premium tequila experience.

The Don Rico Difference

Artisanal Distillation

Don Rico Tequila stands as an ultra-premium brand committed to traditional, additive-free methods of farming, production, and distillation. This dedication to craftsmanship sets Don Rico apart, ensuring a tequila that transcends the ordinary.

Flavor Symphony

As you savor Don Rico Blanco , each sip unfolds a symphony of natural sugars, revealing hints of caramel, vanilla, citrus, and pepper. The result is a sensory masterpiece that captivates the palate.

Stimulate Your Senses with Don Rico

In every aspect, from the crystal-clear pour to the mouthfeel that lingers, Don Rico Blanco  promises to “stimulate your senses.” Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the base for your favorite cocktails, this bold and artisanal tequila invites you to embrace the richness of tradition and the vibrancy of modern craftsmanship.

Discover the allure of Don Rico Tequila – a journey into the heart of Jalisco’s tequila-making heritage. Elevate your tequila experience with the purchase of Don Rico Blanco Tequila at Old Town Tequila. Immerse yourself in a world where tradition meets innovation, and every sip tells a story. Order now and indulge in the excellence of Don Rico Tequila.


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