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Santanera Organic Tequila Blanco Batch-Siembra, a 750ml embodiment of supreme craftsmanship, is a limited-edition rarity. Founder Pablo Lara’s vision unfolds in each sip, from hand-harvested agave in volcanic soil to historic oven cooking. With only 1836 bottles crafted, this tequila offers a unique experience with deep dimension, wild flavor, and aromatic richness. The 42% Alc/Vol showcases the essence of the terroir, making it a standout in Santanera’s lineup. Old Town Tequila presents this exclusive masterpiece for sale, inviting you to savor the extraordinary in every drop. Order online and embrace the legacy of Santanera Organic Tequila Blanco Batch-Siembra.


Santanera Organic Tequila Blanco Batch-Siembra: A Supreme Expression of Craftsmanship

Discover Santanera Organic Tequila Blanco Batch-Siembra’s Supreme Elegance

Embark on a journey into supreme tequila craftsmanship with Santanera Organic Tequila Blanco Batch-Siembra, a 750ml masterpiece available for purchase at Old Town Tequila. Founder Pablo Lara proudly declares this batch as the “supreme” expression of Santanera’s artistry.

Cultivating Excellence from Soil to Sip

Volcanic Terroir and Maturation

The process for the Organic Batch ‘Siembra’ began in May 2016, where baby Blue Weber agave plants found their home in the volcanic, red clay soil of La Guasima. Maturing near the famous Volcán de Tequila, the agaves patiently soaked up the unique terroir, surrounded by the vibrant hues of flamingo pink Guamuchil trees for nearly 6 years.

The Harvest of Maturity

In February 2022, the first harvest commenced, revealing agave piñas that seemed to bleed red sap—a testament to both age and locale. The mature piñas were hand-harvested, setting the stage for a tequila that captures the essence of time and meticulous care.

Crafting Tradition in Historic Ovens

Historic Ovens of Tres Mujeres

Transported to Tres Mujeres in Amatitán, the mature piñas were cooked for 18 hours in the fabrica’s historic ovens, constructed from brick and volcanic stone. This traditional cooking method imparts layers of complexity, bringing depth to the flavor profile of Santanera Organic Tequila.

 Extended Fermentation for Dimension

February’s cooler temperatures allowed for an extended 18-day open-air spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel. This unique process adds dimension to the tequila, creating a wildly flavorful, aromatic, and terroir-driven experience that sets Batch-Siembra apart.

 The Supreme Santanera Experience

 Limited Edition Rarity

Only 1836 bottles were produced of Siembra, making it a limited edition rarity in the Santanera lineup. Each bottle represents a culmination of years of cultivation, harvesting, and craftsmanship, making it a truly exclusive tequila experience.

Flavors and Aromas Unleashed

Santanera Organic Tequila Blanco Batch-Siembra boasts a 42% Alc/Vol, offering a tequila experience that transcends the ordinary. Unleash flavors and aromas that reflect the essence of the volcanic terroir and the dedication of Santanera’s masterful approach.

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Taste the Supreme Legacy

With Santanera Organic Tequila Blanco Batch-Siembra, every sip is an invitation to taste the supreme legacy. Purchase tequila near you and let the flavors of this exceptional creation transport you to the heart of Mexican tequila-making.

 Unveil Supreme Craftsmanship – Buy Santanera Organic Tequila Blanco Batch-Siembra Today

Final Notes of Distinction

In conclusion, Santanera Organic Tequila Blanco Batch-Siembra is not just a tequila; it’s a celebration of supreme craftsmanship. From volcanic terroir to historic ovens, each element contributes to an unparalleled tequila experience. Explore our online store, buy tequila that transcends expectations, and let Batch-Siembra become a cherished chapter in your tequila collection. Order now and savor the supreme elegance with every exceptional sip.


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