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Immerse yourself in the essence of Jalisco with Turincio Tequila Blanco 1 Liter. Crafted from Tequilana Weber agave, cooked in stone ovens, and extracted using a traditional tahona, this tequila undergoes double distillation for purity. Fermented in stainless steel tanks, it achieves a perfect 40%Alc/Vol balance. Experience the terroir of the Tequila Valley in each sip, as this tequila captures the richness of its agave source. Elevate your collection with Turincio Tequila Blanco, available for seamless online purchase at Old Town Tequila. Explore bundle deals and offers, and let the journey into tequila excellence begin. Cheers to the heritage and craftsmanship of Turincio Tequila!


Unveiling the Essence of Turincio Tequila Blanco 1 Liter

Introduction to Turincio Tequila Blanco

Dive into the heart of Jalisco’s Tequila Valley and discover the exceptional Turincio Tequila Blanco. This 1-liter masterpiece is a testament to the artistry and dedication of Tequilana Weber agave cultivation, stone-brick oven cooking, tahona extraction, and double distillation, resulting in a tequila that embodies excellence.

 The Art of Agave Cultivation

Tequilana Weber Agave

Turincio Tequila Blanco sources its agave from the revered Tequilana Weber variety, known for its rich and distinctive flavor profile. Cultivated in the agave-rich soils of Jalisco, each plant contributes to the exceptional character of this tequila.

Tequila Valley Terroir

The agave region plays a crucial role in shaping Turincio’s distinct taste. Nestled in the Tequila Valley, the terroir imparts unique mineral notes and characteristics that define the essence of Turincio Tequila Blanco.

Crafted with Precision – Traditional Cooking Methods

Stone/Brick Ovens

Turincio Tequila Blanco undergoes a meticulous cooking process in stone-brick ovens. This traditional method enhances the agave’s natural flavors, creating a tequila that pays homage to the authentic techniques of the region.

Tahona Extraction for Authenticity

 Tahona Extraction

The use of a tahona, a volcanic stone wheel, ensures an authentic extraction process. This ancient method crushes the cooked agave, extracting its essence and contributing to the rich and complex flavor profile of Turincio Tequila Blanco.

Fermentation Excellence in Stainless Steel Tanks

 Stainless Steel Tanks

The fermentation process occurs in stainless steel tanks, allowing for a controlled and pristine environment. The 100% agave fermentation results in a pure and unadulterated tequila that captures the essence of the agave plant.

Double Distillation for Purity

Two Distillations

Turincio Tequila Blanco is subjected to a careful double distillation process. This meticulous approach ensures the removal of impurities and refines the spirit, contributing to its smoothness and clarity.

40%Alc/Vol – A Mark of Excellence

Potency and Balance

With a 40%Alc/Vol, Turincio Tequila Blanco strikes the perfect balance between potency and flavor. Each sip promises an experience that is both robust and harmonious, showcasing the craftsmanship behind this exceptional tequila.

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Conclusion – Elevate Your Tequila Journey

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