Volans Tequila 3 Year Extra Anejo – Tequila for sale !


Indulge in the extraordinary with Volans Tequila 3 Year Extra Anejo. Aged for over three and a half years in American white oak bourbon casks, this tequila boasts a complex and sophisticated flavor profile. Cooked in a traditional stone oven and crafted with a blend of rain, spring, and deep well water, it achieves the perfect balance of minerality. The soft and light oakiness from the bourbon casks enhances the agave’s natural essence, delivering a harmonious tasting experience. Originating from the esteemed NOM 1579 distillery, this tequila is a collector’s delight. Purchase online for a premium addition to your collection. Elevate your sipping moments with Volans Tequila.


Volans Tequila 3 Year Extra Anejo – A Culmination of Elegance and Complexity

Unlocking the Essence – Volans Tequila’s Extra Anejo Journey

Discover the extraordinary with Volans Tequila 3 Year Extra Anejo, a 750ml expression that stands as a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of aged tequila. Delve into the meticulous process that unfolds over three and a half years, resulting in a tequila that embodies sophistication and complexity.

 Aged to Perfection – The Extra Añejo Distinction

Volans Tequila’s 3 Year Extra Anejo proudly bears the Extra Añejo distinction, a mark of excellence achieved through a minimum aging period of three years. This extended aging process contributes to the tequila’s complex and sophisticated flavor profile, setting it apart as a connoisseur’s choice.

 Traditional Stone Oven – Cooking the Essence

The journey begins with the agave, cooked to perfection in a steam-powered traditional stone oven. This meticulous cooking process extracts the essence of the agave, laying the foundation for a tequila that captures the true spirit of its origin.

 Water Harmony – A Blend of Rain, Spring, and Deep Well

Crafted with precision, Volans Tequila blends rainwater, spring water, and deep well water to achieve the perfect balance of minerality. This harmonious combination of waters enhances the tequila’s purity and depth, elevating the overall tasting experience.

The Aging Symphony – Three and a Half Years in American White Oak

 Bourbon Cask Elegance – Soft and Light Oakiness

Volans Tequila’s 3 Year Extra Anejo undergoes a transformative aging process in used American white oak bourbon casks. Over three and a half years, the tequila absorbs the essence of the casks, resulting in a soft and light oakiness that complements the agave’s natural flavors. This marriage of elements creates an unparalleled tasting experience.

 The Right Balance – Mastery in Aging

Achieving the right balance in aging is an art mastered by Volans Tequila. Every bottle represents a harmony of time, wood, and agave, ensuring that the tequila reaches its peak of maturity, delivering a sensory symphony that captivates the palate.

 The Distillery Legacy – NOM 1579

 Distinctive Origins – A Glimpse into NOM 1579

Volans Tequila 3 Year Extra Anejo originates from NOM 1579, a distillery with a legacy of crafting exceptional tequilas. This distinctive origin is a testament to the commitment to quality and tradition, ensuring that every bottle of Volans Tequila embodies the essence of NOM 1579’s craftsmanship.

Where Elegance Meets Convenience

 Tequila for Sale – Elevate Your Collection

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Buy Tequila Online – A Seamless Experience

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 Secure Your Bottle Today!

 Experience the Culmination

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the culmination of elegance and complexity with Volans Tequila 3 Year Extra Anejo. Order this aged masterpiece now at Old Town Tequila and bring home a bottle that encapsulates the artistry, legacy, and commitment to excellence of Volans Tequila. Elevate your sipping experience with each pour of Extra Anejo Tequila.


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