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123 Organic Reposado Tequila Dos, a testament to celestial elegance, rests for six months, revealing complex notes of agave, oak warmth, vanilla, anise, and a hint of citrus. Awarded “96 Points,” it’s versatile for sipping or in cocktails. Elevate your collection with this Old Town Tequila gem. Order now to experience the mystical blend of nature and craftsmanship.


123 Organic Reposado Tequila Dos – A Dance of Jaguars and Agave Elegance

The Mystique Unveiled

Sun, Moon, and the Stealthy Jaguars

123 Organic Reposado Tequila Dos invites you to witness the mystical dance between the sun and moon above our agave plantation. As these celestial bodies meet, two stealthy jaguars, known as miztli, roam the fields in pursuit of their elusive prey. This tequila, named Dos, captures the essence of these silent hunts, creating a spirit that resonates with elegance and complexity.

Crafted in Harmony

Six Months of Rest in White Oak Barrels

Reposado (Dos) tequila embarks on a transformative journey as it rests for six months in carefully selected white oak barrels. This meticulous aging process reveals a complex spirit that balances the aromatic raw and cooked agave with the warmth of oak. The result is an exquisite tequila with spicy notes of vanilla, anise, and a subtle hint of citrus – a harmonious blend that makes it the most versatile among the 123 Organic Tequila styles.

 Recognized Excellence

“96 Points” Tasting Panel

Indulge in a tequila that has earned the acclaim of experts. Awarded “96 Points” by the Tasting Panel, 123 Organic Reposado Tequila stands as a testament to its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. This recognition is a guarantee that you are savoring a tequila of unparalleled excellence.

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Explore Our Collection

Discover the allure of 123 Organic Reposado Tequila as you explore tequila for sale at Old Town Tequila. Our collection showcases not just a drink but an embodiment of the jaguars’ silent hunts and the celestial dance above the agave fields. Elevate your tequila experience with this versatile and exceptional spirit.

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Exclusive Offers Await

Old Town Tequila presents curated tequila bundle deals, inviting you to explore the nuances of 123 Organic Reposado Tequila and more. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a tequila enthusiast, our bundles offer a diverse tasting journey through the world of 123 Organic Tequila. Elevate your collection with exclusive offers.

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Effortless Online Shopping

For those eager to purchase tequila near them, Old Town Tequila provides a seamless online shopping experience. Bring the elegance of 123 Organic Reposado Tequila to your doorstep. Order now and let the spirit of the agave fields and stealthy jaguars enrich your tequila moments.


123 Organic Reposado Tequila is not just a drink; it’s an embodiment of nature’s dance and meticulous craftsmanship. As you shop tequila bottles, make this exceptional spirit a part of your collection. Order now from Old Town Tequila and immerse yourself in the elegance, complexity, and versatility of 123 Organic Reposado Tequila.


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