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Immerse yourself in the unparalleled blend of art and craftsmanship with 1800 Tequila Essential Artists Series 11 by Dustin Yellin. This exclusive 6-bottle set, featuring 750ml of liquid artistry in each, transcends the boundaries of traditional tequila. Dustin Yellin’s narrative and visual transfiguration bring to life a tapestry of enmeshed networks, weaving together the human world, critters, plants, and rocks. With 40%Alc/Vol, each bottle is a visual poem, inviting you on a journey through hidden narratives. Beyond the sensory experience, your purchase supports Pioneer Works, a cultural center in New York founded by Yellin, fostering collaboration among artists, scientists, and thinkers. Elevate your spirits, indulge in limited edition elegance, and make a statement with Essential Artists Series 11. Order online at Old Town Tequila, where sophistication meets convenience. Cheers to a transformative tequila experience!


Unveiling the Essence of 1800 Tequila Essential Artists Series 11 by Dustin Yellin

A Fusion of Artistry and Craftsmanship

Discover a symphony of senses with the 1800 Tequila Essential Artists Series 11, masterfully curated by the renowned Brooklyn-based artist, Dustin Yellin. This exceptional 6-bottle set, each containing 750ml of liquid artistry, brings forth a harmonious blend of tequila excellence and visual storytelling.

Bridging Nature and Technology through Art

Dustin Yellin, the creative force behind Essential Artists Series 11, delves into the intricate dance between nature and technology. Through narrative and visual transfiguration, Yellin artfully teases the tension that exists between these two realms, creating a sensory experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

A Tapestry of Enmeshed Networks

Yellin’s artistry unfolds as a tapestry of interconnected stories, weaving together the realms of the human world, critters, plants, and rocks. Within this collection of enmeshed networks, hidden narratives come to life, inviting the observer to explore the nuanced relationships that shape our existence.

Holistic World-Building through Art

As a visionary, Dustin Yellin serves as a bridge toward a more holistic world. Balancing descriptive poetry with a prescriptive social practice, Yellin’s work spans new ways of seeing and being. Essential Artists Series 11 is not merely a collection of tequila bottles; it is a gateway to a transformative experience that transcends conventional boundaries.

Supporting Pioneer Works through Every Sip

Beyond its exquisite taste and artistic appeal, Essential Artists Series 11 contributes to a noble cause. $1 from every bottle sold goes to Pioneer Works, an artist and scientist-led cultural center in New York. Founded by Dustin Yellin himself, Pioneer Works is dedicated to experimentation and education, fostering collaboration among artists, scientists, and thinkers from diverse backgrounds.

A Toast to Innovation and Collaboration

Experience the spirit of innovation and collaboration with each sip of Essential Artists Series 11. By indulging in this tequila, you become part of a community that supports the convergence of creativity and knowledge at Pioneer Works.

Unveiling the Distinctive Essence of Essential Artists Series 11

Crafted Excellence in Every Bottle

1800 Tequila Essential Artists Series 11 stands as a testament to the excellence that defines the brand. With a 40%Alc/Vol, each bottle encapsulates the perfect balance of flavors, providing a delightful and memorable tequila experience.

Visual Poetry in a Bottle

Dustin Yellin’s artistic prowess is not confined to canvases but extends into the very essence of Essential Artists Series 11. Each bottle is a canvas, presenting a visual poem that captures the essence of Yellin’s narrative and invites you to explore the nuanced layers of meaning.

Elevate Your Spirits with Every Pour

As you embark on a journey through each bottle of Essential Artists Series 11, anticipate an elevation of your spirits. The tequila within is not just a beverage; it’s a sensorial expedition that engages your palate and transports you to the intersection of art and craftsmanship.

Uncover Hidden Narratives with Every Sip

Much like Yellin’s art, Essential Artists Series 11 is a discovery of hidden narratives. With every sip, you unravel the layers of flavor, each telling a story that adds to the complexity and richness of the tequila. It’s an exploration that goes beyond taste, inviting you to appreciate the artistry in each drop.

 Embrace the Art of Tequila with Essential Artists Series 11

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