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Del Maguey Pechuga Organic Mezcal offers a rare and unique culinary experience. Certified USDA organic, it boasts a distinctive flavor profile with notes of basil, lemon, ocean, and fruit. Reminiscent of Scotch whisky, with a subtle hint of chicken, this mezcal is truly one-of-a-kind. Limited production season due to special ingredients. Order now and indulge in the extraordinary with Old Town Tequila.


Del Maguey Pechuga Organic Mezcal: A Rare and Unique Culinary Experience

Welcome to Old Town Tequila, your trusted destination for premium tequila and mezcal products. Explore the extraordinary Del Maguey Pechuga Organic Mezcal—a rare gem renowned for its unique flavor profile and traditional production methods.

Unveiling the Rarity: The Story of Pechuga

An Organic Offering

Del Maguey Pechuga Organic Mezcal is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. Certified USDA organic, this mezcal is a testament to purity and quality, free from chemicals, coloring, or additives.

A Limited Production Season

Discover the exclusive nature of Pechuga mezcal, with its production season limited to year-end. This limitation is due to the special ingredients—wild mountain apples and plums—that must be in season and cannot be substituted.

Crafting Excellence: The Pechuga Process

Traditional Distillation Methods

Experience the traditional production methods behind Del Maguey Pechuga Organic Mezcal. From harvesting wild agaves to distillation, each step reflects a commitment to authenticity and craftsmanship.

A Unique Flavor Profile

Indulge your senses with the distinctive nose of basil, lemon, ocean, and fruit. The smoky taste is reminiscent of Scotch whisky, while the addition of saltiness and softness creates a truly unforgettable experience. And yes, there’s a subtle hint of chicken—a nod to the unique Pechuga production process.

Tasting Notes: A Culinary Journey


Prepare to be captivated by the enticing aroma of basil, lemon, and ocean breeze. Notes of ripe fruit add depth and complexity to the bouquet, inviting you to explore further.


As you sip, the smoky taste reminiscent of Scotch whisky unfolds on the palate. The addition of saltiness enhances the flavor profile, while the softness of the mezcal adds a luxurious touch. And yes, there’s a subtle hint of chicken, adding a unique twist to the culinary journey.


The journey culminates in a satisfying finish, leaving a lingering impression of warmth and complexity. Each sip is a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication that define Del Maguey Pechuga Mezcal.

Elevate Your Experience: Del Maguey Pechuga Organic Mezcal

Discover Rarity and Authenticity

Savor the rarity and authenticity of Del Maguey Pechuga  Mezcal—a true culinary masterpiece. Each bottle is a testament to tradition and excellence, waiting to be savored and celebrated.

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Del Maguey Pechuga  Mezcal invites you to embark on a culinary journey unlike any other. With its unique flavor profile and traditional production methods, each sip is a celebration of authenticity and craftsmanship. Order now and experience the rare and exquisite flavors of Pechuga mezcal with Old Town Tequila. Cheers to tradition, excellence, and the pursuit of perfection!


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