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Discover the harmonious fusion of Tepextate, Cuishe, and Espadin agaves in Rey Campero Blend of 3 Joven Mezcal. With a bold flavor profile and 51.5% alc, this mezcal offers notes of earth, spice, and citrus. Perfect for sipping or mixing. Available in a 750ml bottle. Purchase online at and elevate your mezcal journey.


Experience the Unique Blend of Rey Campero Joven Mezcal

 Unveiling the Distinctive Blend

Embark on a journey of flavor exploration with Rey Campero Blend of 3 Joven Mezcal. This exceptional blend combines three distinct agave varietals – Tepextate, Cuishe, and Espadin – to create a mezcal like no other.

Celebrating Agave Diversity

Rey Campero honors the diversity of agave species by carefully selecting Tepextate, Cuishe, and Espadin for this special blend. Each agave contributes its unique flavor profile, resulting in a mezcal that is both complex and harmonious.

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Craftsmanship and Tradition Interwoven

From Agave to Bottle

Rey Campero Blend of 3 Joven Mezcal begins its journey in the agave fields of Mexico, where Tepextate, Cuishe, and Espadin agaves are carefully cultivated and harvested by hand. The hearts of the agave are then roasted, fermented, and distilled to perfection.

A Harmonious Fusion of Flavors

With an alcohol content of 51.5% alc, Rey Campero Blend of 3 Joven offers a bold and robust flavor profile. Notes of earth, spice, and citrus dance on the palate, creating a truly memorable tasting experience.

 Authenticity Guaranteed

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Elevate Your Mezcal Experience

Experience the artistry and craftsmanship of Rey Campero Blend of 3 Joven. With its unique blend of agave varietals and bold flavor profile, this mezcal promises to elevate your mezcal experience to new heights. Order online today and discover the magic of agave fusion.


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